10 bright blind without integrity \”erotic\” food cannot look!

0    Sex toy  spy liu

Abstract: the society is becoming more and more demanding for food, and more and more tricks, no creativity, want to attract people, really do not think about it. This is not a lot of delicacy and erotic hanging bait, saying: \”food and sex\”, the following small for everyone to bring the 10 paragraph without integrity \”erotic\” food, can\’t open it!1, underwear, peach, peach shape has been a bit sexy, but when the smart Chinese people put them in underwear sold again, the whole world realized that this fruit is so * * * *. 0\”Of course, the real value of peach underwear, fruit is sweet and juicy, but the United States media reporters said they ate the peaches are best eaten and most succulent peaches, so maybe packaging can also add to these fruits.2, * * * puddings, are your puddings tall and straight? Are they a pair of round cups? These puddings come from Japan. They are very popular. 0\”Pudding, but it looks like Osaka girls have different tastes from Tokyo girls. Who knows?3, Burt Reynolds cream rolls once Burt Reynolds is the world\’s largest sexy symbol. He took a magazine cover as he lay in the stall on the bearskin * * photos. Although people\’s aesthetic has changed, but Burt Reynolds still has a group of diehard powder. 0\”Burt Reynolds cream roll, in November 2013, Lou Lou P s Delight, the British food artist, created these sexy cream rolls in honor of the beard festival.4, ass pudding 0\”Do you prefer the ass pudding to the ass? Maybe you\’ll like the Japanese ass pudding.5, * * theme restaurants have a lot of fruits and vegetables that look like part of the body, but only the Funny Sex restaurant uses these genital inspired dishes and dishes. The soup is served in a * * * shape bowl, and the rice is pressed into a pencil shape, and some pasta is modeled on the egg. 0\”The whole room was decorated with pencils and paper, and even an inflatable doll was attached to the wall of the dining room.6 * * biscuits 0\”* cookies aren\’t that sexy, but it\’s about sex. These cookies are meant to remind women how important sex is.7. A pencil cake. At first glance, the cake is quite normal, but you can see the difference without looking at it carefully. The cake was baked in a pencil mold. A woman bought the mold for the bachelor party, but she didn\’t want to use it only once, so she tried to create and see how many cakes she could make with the mold. 0\”8, * * waffles, corn hot dogs are delicious, but if you make a change, there will be unexpected results. 0\”Just as someone in Taipei has a hot dog baked in a pencil shaped waffle mold, the original author thinks it looks good and tasty.9, sex education cake, a baby party created the cake, which depicts the process of swimming toward eggs. 0\”10, human milk ice cream ice cream contains human milk, which is nothing, but if the different human milk into the ice cream inside, then it is not the same. 0\”An ice cream shop in the UK created the ice cream called

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