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Editor\’s note: Japanese erotic industry is always being talked about, the famous industry every year to attract a large number of tourists from all over the world come to pilgrimage, it is understood that each year more than 500 million people visit the hotel only taste. In fact, some domestic developed city has also started development of fun Hotel, although the scale is not large but compared to ordinary hotel can be said considerably, but when you read Japanese after these fun hotel will find that their original taste of the original understanding of the hotel is really too little…… The hotel has always been attached to taste the secret label rarely been wantonly comments, said it also shame Da, but they are not a minority of the existence! In Japan alone, there are nearly 4, with an average of over 500 million visits a year (think about how many people in neon countries)You can stay here for 2 hours, or you can stay in the ordinary room, but these check in procedures are entirely done by yourself, and you will not see any service staff during this period.You can choose on the wall according to the picture of the room, choose the room you like, you can click on the booking directly, it is very convenient!In addition to the dazzling decoration of the room, as well as adult videos on TV, all are free to watch.But the fun Hotel rarely provide meals, but there is a vending machine in the room, and some fun hotel also offers Cosplay clothing rental service, after use can be left in the room.It is said that there are 40 thousand interesting hotels in Japan, which means that love hotel is a very common thing in Japan, and in order to improve the competitiveness of Japanese people, it can be said that they are full of brains.Today, let\’s take a look at some of the more popular interest hotels in JapanYou sit tight, to drive!HOTEL Us RacecourseNiigataRelatively low temperature of Niigata Prefecture, Fun Hotel enthusiasm is very high. The rooms here will be simulated in the AV room, such as the following examination and treatment room:Classroom playAnd the simulated scene of the site… Is it true that the pictures are already full of imagination?.Address: Niigata Niigata City Kizaki 2592-1HOTEL ALPHA-INTokyo linen ten timesThis hotel is not only famous in Japan, but also enjoys a certain reputation in other countries. Entering here is like entering a mysterious adult world, full of new SM props and scenes, and people can not help thinking of fifty degrees of ash!I have to say that Japanese people are really heavy mouth……Address: East Tokyo port, East linen, 2-8-3SK PLAZATokyo, ShibuyaShibuya Fun Hotel is extremely fierce competition! Want to stand out here, hotel design must have something new. This hotel room 901 is the most unique, has a separate pool.Two people here are naked without scruples other people\’s eyes.Address: Tokyo District of Shibuya 1-17-9 Osaka daoxuanHOTEL OFF-TIMEKanagawaIf you want to meet the different scenes of curiosity, this hotel room 303 is definitely the first choice, the whole room decoration and lighting are unique, one in the old warehouse in excitement.Address: Kanagawa city 1-31-12 Lai Ling CountyHotel Regent, newNagoyaIf there is a swimming pool in the upper room, you are surprised. The slide inside this room is a shock! It\’s so exciting that a high altitude slide slides into the pool below.Address: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, central city 2-45-8HOTEL CharlemagnekyotoThis hotel room adorable face Meng Jun force, have enough physical consumption, there is a tennis court, indoor golf course in it.There are other roundabout, swimming pool, mirror room and other fangxing. EH?…… If you check in here, you should burn a lot of calories a night, right?Address: Kyoto Kyoto Fushimi District Toba Guangchang town 127HOTEL BRIOkyotoKyoto gives the feeling of people are generally antique, but there are also less interesting hotels, a variety of scenes here are all, the Japanese men called \”dream of the\” fun hotel\”.Address: Kyoto Kyoto Fushimi District bamboo hut, Tian Xi Cho 26TOWER \’S HOTELOsakaFully simulated tram scene, interior decoration to the extreme, so the simulation of the hotel may also be in japan. As for the role, experience it……Address: Osaka City Osaka nomachi island in 1-12-18Five, riceNaraThe hotel is decorated with the Japanese decor of the Showa period, with lots of mirrors and colored lights, and the whole room has a retro feel. The rooms here are very hot, and you usually have to make reservations in advance.This is definitely not a KTV Deluxe RoomAddress: Nara City, the five phase chatan 678Hotel Winbell MagicKobeThis is definitely the best in hotels in japan! With shells decorated with beds, blue lights, phantoms on the wall, the head is floating waves, girls must feel like a mermaid bar!Address: Kobe City, Hyogo District join town 4-2-15HOTEL ASTI RESORTHiroshimaThe room seems to be stable, but here are a lot of small theater play space, such as the housing agency, if you love role play, here is quite suitable for the.Address: Hiroshima City, Fushan County Shu Ting 3-27-12VIVA FrancePARIO-INNOkayamaThe hotel room is very interesting, especially following the two rooms, the main children amusement park, see that the characteristics of the pursuit of the ultimate Japanese from this can be. What\’s more, the two beds can move and seem interesting!Address: Okayama Prefecture, Okayama City, central 175 under the godsSKY PARADISE RAKUENOitaThe room here is full of outdoor bathtubs! A high and romantic evening with a bath and a beautiful view outside.Address: Oita County, Oita City, the original Sichuan 2, Ding mu, 3 times, No. 15Noyes, gas, orSaga360 degrees slowly rotating large round bed, the ceiling is equipped with many mirror, zero dead angle reflection, just imagine, but also let people feel enough passion!Address: Saga Prefecture, Tangshan City, 1222Blue Hotel OCTAHokkaidoThe \”Blue Hotel OCTA\” is a natural hot spring attached to each hotel. Especially recommended is the popularity of the 215. There are LED light tubes under the acrylic floor, and the whole room light opens. It\’s just magic……Address: Sapporo City, central North 15 West 19-34-7Surprise, no surprise, no sting? Is there a lot more advanced than Greene? Did you go through it all over again from beginning to end? YY That\’s the difference. Ha ha haBut not single, all first collection reserve, of course, do not exclude you sent to the circle of friends, to male (female) God a hint, know that you are ready……

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