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Editor\’s note: with the gradual opening of human nature in the country, it seems to be ushering in the once interesting industry. Sino Thai Securities Research Report shows that, from the consumer group point of view, today\’s main force of interest products is 25~35 years of young groups, no longer confined to the middle-aged group, tend to be younger and popular. Interesting electricity supplier ushered in the development of opportunities, with a keen sense of smell of capital players have entered, there are potential fun electricity suppliers have landed in the new capital market third board. With the gradual opening of the concept of human nature, it seems to be ushering in the spice industry which once embarrassed people.In April 17th, three new board three fun electricity supplier information seals (837472.OC) (in this paper: he chunshuitang interest), (839466.OC), Taohuawu (838664.OC) Qi Shuashua released 2016 annual report, revenue size have different degrees of growth, he became the first interest revenue hundred million yuan company. However, although the scale of the interest industry has expanded, the development is far from mature, and the strategic loss is still the most realistic problem faced by the companies in the first echelon in 2016.In April 28th, with his interest in the first quarter of 2017 report released, revenue 30 million 251 thousand and 700 yuan, profit 2 million 143 thousand and 600 yuan, loss curse was broken, the first echelon of the emergence of the pioneer.Huang Tiancai, chairman of the board of directors and general manager, told us that with the continued growth of the company\’s sales, the further reduction of the cost and the development of new business, there is no problem in maintaining profitability.Hundreds of billions of market size investors competing admissionAccording to the Sino Thai Securities Research Report, in 2014, the domestic interest products output value is about 80 billion, 2015 is expected to exceed 100 billion, the domestic interest products market has become another neglected hundred billion market. Analysys think tank \”China Adult supplies B2C Market Research Report 2015\” shows that in 2014, China\’s adult goods B2C market transaction scale reached 3 billion 380 million yuan, is expected to be more than 12 billion yuan in 2017.Sino Thai Securities Research Report shows that, from the consumer group point of view, today\’s main force of interest products is 25~35 years of young groups, no longer confined to the middle-aged group, tend to be younger and popular.Offline small stores, online all kinds of Taobao stores, vertical electricity supplier, is the most common sales channels of interest products. With the consumption habits of consumer groups change to the line and the particularity of appeal products, online shopping is more favored than the small shops located in the corner under the line of interest products. Sino Thai Securities Research Report shows that the current domestic consumers to buy fun products mainly online shopping, electricity supplier channels accounted for about 60%.Interesting electricity supplier ushered in the development of opportunities, with a keen sense of smell of capital players have entered, there are potential fun electricity suppliers have landed in the new capital market third board.Dig shellfish net announcement rough statistics according to media reports and shares, three new board three fun electricity supplier, chunshuitang total financing of approximately 141 million yuan; his interest total financing of approximately $182 million of total financing of approximately 17 million yuan; Taohuawu.First revenue billions of dollars, the first echelon of the first appearedSmall scattered, is the interest products industry has yet to uncover the label. The development of the spice industry is far from mature, and still in the state of staking.Under such circumstances, his interest, spring house, Taohuawu in 2016 to increase revenue although the scale has, but there are different degrees of strategic loss.Analysts believe that this is in line with the current situation of the development of interest industries. He believes that although the Chinese people\’s sexual concept is opening up, but large-scale consumption still takes a long time. The taste of business development time is not long, is still in the stage of throwing money grab share, Taobao and many of the above and below the line shop orange store on the adult market segmentation, profitability of the electricity supplier needs time to taste.According to media reports in 2014, only Taobao has 40 thousand Adult supplies sellers; according to the first financial daily survey data by the end of 2014, China has 20 10000 sexual health supplies sales companies, visible to fierce competition in the industry. Before 2016, even in the first echelon of his interest, interest business hall, Taohuawu, has not been able to achieve billions of dollars in revenue. In April 17th, 3 companies disclosed the 2016 annual report to break the deadlock. He is interested in revenue of 103 million yuan, an increase of 73.17%, which became the first sales break billion, is also the least loss of company; chunshuitang, Taohuawu\’s revenues were 42 million 608 thousand and 900 yuan, 39 million 783 thousand and 800 yuan, year-on-year growth of 5.01% and 101.67% respectively.In April 28th, he released the first quarter of 2017 report, net profit of 2 million 143 thousand and 600 yuan, bid farewell to the previous loss.He is interested in the chairman and general manager Huang Tiancai said on the net that dig shellfish, the first is the reason for the success of profit diluted the substantial growth in revenues and costs, a quarter of his interest in 30 million 251 thousand and 700 yuan revenue growth of 80% over the same period last year; before second is just the cost of his interest community began to produce information promotion service revenue, become relay commercial sales customer service and cash channel.Huang Tiancai introduced, \”in the first quarter of the community only access live platform advertising that has 2 million 647 thousand and 300 yuan of income, in the second half, the community will also access game advertising, brand advertising, etc., to further consolidate the growth of profits. In accordance with the current situation of the company, sales will continue to rise, the cost of more than 10 percent down space, profits still have room for improvement, to maintain sustained profitability is no problem.\”How to ensure the basic business information services company, he interested in the number of APP users continue to grow, Huang Tiancai revealed that he currently has about 50000000 user interest, the company will continue to optimize the content to attract new users, is expected to end the total active users will reach about 60 million.Industry reshuffle period will be fun, the electricity supplier to seek solutionsNot limited by the region, privacy also has better protection of the interests of the electricity supplier, compared to offline shops in the future competition in the entire industry or more opportunities.In Huang\’s view, the current offline entity stores and vending machines are basically not profitable.He believes that \”the current line of sex shops in Japan, Europe and America are doing very well, Chinese is not done well, a lot of people will say the industry is too low, in fact, nature is Chinese now use per capita supplies ratio is improved, but still not up to do the online large scale chain. Through our research, now only about 5% of the Chinese use of sex toys, the ratio is not enough, the density is not enough, no way to support the line shop, only when the ratio is higher than 10% chance, and this ratio is expected to take 35 years to reach.\”Interesting electricity supplier development is not easy. In 2016, in addition to Taohuawu, the hall and his interest and even partial production end of the lovers health (835587.OC) gross profit decreased. Huang Tiancai believes that the decrease in gross profit is actually the industry slowly into the shuffle period, is to spell Maori, spell service, this is the inevitable stage of market competition.As he emerged, interest, spring house, Taohuawu also in their attempts to do.At present, 3 companies have developed their own mobile terminal App. Taohuawu bluntly said in the annual report, the company\’s revenue growth in 2016 is mainly due to the self service and mobile App business has achieved a substantial increase. But at the same time, the market share also paid a huge cost, operating costs and losses have increased, plans to postpone the pace of expansion in 2017, adjust the development strategy, improve the company\’s own hematopoietic capacity. Dig new three board Research Institute data show that, at present, Taohuawu adopts B2B and B2C combined sales model, has achieved full channel coverage.Chunshuitang except do brand agents also expand its own brand products of its own business, own brand – self-developed products into the market since 2014. In 2016, the hall in Shenzhen high tech Zone lease manhole Hengchang Rong factory, established at the end of 2016 production factories.He is interesting and fun items, in addition to the sales operation of the community and develop information service business, has invested in Xiamen Zhen million Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Zhen Wan Zhineng), by the company to the upstream factory R

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