2017 German Berlin adult exhibition report: Live sidelights

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Editor\’s note: you don\’t know, you see, the world is falling into a plastic panic. Just search the web, and you\’ll find that countless plastics are destroying the next generation of news…… So, some highly responsible netizens are frantically searching online for their certified plastic replacements. Perhaps, in the near future, the conversation will be the norm: \”Bob, how did you last say that the bag we used was made?\”\” \”Oh, don\’t mention it. It\’s disgusting!\” \”I read in WeChat Plus 8, they said that these are the Chinese with the teeth in the crab nibbling out!\” do not know if you noticed, this is the world in a plastic panic, just search on the Internet, you can find countless people plastic is destroying the next generation of news…… So, some giant responsible netizens are frantically search the Internet to get their certified plastic substitutes, including plastic (Durex first to), and switch to paper (in fact, papermaking pollution caused by less than plastic), but these solutions and their families, people with perpetual motion. Three Chinese characters can describe not reliable. What\’s that tricky? Jeffrey Catchmark, a professor of agriculture and bioengineering at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State University, thinks that the answer is inside the crab shell. Yes, it\’s the crab shells that you threw away after eating the meat these days, and the Americans are going to collect them and become the latest replacement for plastics! How do you do it? Simply put, the guy found a chemical in the shell of a crustacean, mixing it with cellulose like wood pulp and making a non penetrating film. It\’s thin film, comrades! Students´╝ü Think about how many uses of this thing, from food packaging to murder, it can almost solve all of our problems (fog)! More importantly, it\’s absolutely biodegradable, and environmental activists don\’t have to worry about losing their fertility because of plastic particles, so that every time they see their children, they feel like the next door Lao wang. Wrote here, I suddenly understand Bob who fears – Mom, you mean we use condoms and Chinese mouth nibbling out? It\’s disgusting. Think about it. (original title: using a crab shell instead of a condom? Don\’t laugh. Scientists are serious Cheap Multispeed Jelly Vibrating dildo, 100% Waterproof Realistic shape clear fake

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