2017 Las Vegas adult Exhibition Fair (2)

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Editor\’s note: as we all know, many people in our country often confuse adult products with pornography. Indeed, Adult supplies is for business services, so now Adult supplies from time to time will also be considered \”not serious\”, and was included in the \”anti\” risk, these are the operating Adult supplies a friend a headache. At present, China\’s adult goods industry management relative to other industries and there is no complete norms and systems, so some businesses in order to profit playing edge ball, to attract consumer attention. But if you are still doing so, you have to converge. At this point, don\’t take the risk. The evening of June 8th, a large number of WeChat entertainment public account has been closed due to concerns of users, including serious gossip, gossip, tongue Care Association for the development of Nandu film entertainment weekly, entertainment bazaar has been banned.

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