2017 Losangeles International Adult show – 1

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Abstract: adult goods store investment cost is low, but commodity profits are high, in addition, the market demand is more and more big, so many people will join adult supplies as their own venture projects. Graphic irrelevant, then where will the store open more appropriate? Adult goods stores and other traditional industries are different, not only large flow, but also to facilitate customer purchase. After the investigation of many operators will find… Adult supplies store low investment cost, but also high profit goods, market demand is also growing, so many people will join Adult supplies as their own entrepreneurial projects. 0\”Text independent intrusion detectionThen, where will the store be located? Adult goods stores and other traditional industries are different, not only large flow, but also to facilitate customer purchase. Many operators will find that after the investigation: residential neighborhood is a good choice. First, a residential population is fixed, so you don\’t have to worry about traffic nature; secondly Adult supplies and is one of the necessities of life, when you put something out of the district by the way bought, is \”shy\” if this distance can be door-to-door.Considering all aspects of the situation, the residential area is indeed a profitable place for people to set up a good location. But in fact, not all residents will buy it. Even some people hate the adult store very much. So, is the adult goods store really as bad as they think?It is understood that some people said: the sex shop in the store window on the electronic screen scrolling product information, the content is very explicit, some children just learning to read these words on the rolling is particularly curious, from time to time to read aloud, let the parents feel very embarrassed; secondly, there are some shops in the doorway placed plastic a model or an inflatable doll dress too provocative…… They feel that these phenomena can affect the healthy growth of children.So, does the presence of adult stores really keep kids from growing up healthily?In fact, the so-called \”embarrassment\” and \”feel shy\”, \”shame\” phenomenon can be seen, the children have no evil, only the objective cognition of these things. However, parents\’ attitudes and behavior but is in the \”black\” of these products, it is no exaggeration to say: it is the parents\’ prejudice and excessive interpretation so that these originally and ordinary commodities is sex toys become \”evil\”. However, they did not think of is, the more the more secretive attitude can arouse the curiosity of the children, adults and even make some unexpected things.Therefore, in the face of adult goods stores or interest products, the thinking \”evil\” is not the child, but the parents. If the parents can objectively to explain, they don\’t deliberately to add a layer of \”mystery\”, let the children know that these products actually ordinary life activities in a class, then Adult supplies store kids that naturally collapse of itself.All parents have this idea is due to China\’s lack of sex education, for thousands of years of feudal thought \”nature\” is a very shameful thing, especially older people or residents of remote regions almost remains in talking about sex in mind. So if Adult supplies industry to be more recognized, sex toys can go further, then not only the immediate interests only know how to sell products, how to change the national ideology, enhance the China education level, but to promote the development of the industry and Adult supplies method.

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