A customized version of condoms more teenagers than Durex Social

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Editor\’s note: in recent years, the prevalence of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents, both at home and abroad, has increased steadily. It has aroused close attention from society and some organizations. In order to reduce teen pregnancy and spread of the disease, many of our country\’s relevant units have started to spread condoms to young people function and use method, and some foreign condom distribution method is more fun. To improve community welfare in Wisconsin, LGBTQ reduces teen pregnancy rates and the spread of disease. Advertising company cramerk krasselt and Diverse amp Resilien non-profit organization; together, set up a special group of young people to study, and specifically for teenagers to design a condom, a naughty bag.In addition, cramerk – krasselt also produced a \”child terminator\” game animation to cater to young people\’s aesthetic.The condoms are packaged in cartoons and are free of charge. They are placed in two barbers, or discreetly disguised as newsstands, and when teenagers are using condoms, they don\’t have to worry about embarrassment. (source: advertising door)DoMarketing- marketing think tank commented: always not optimistic about customized products Xiaobian, was conquered by this. The crime rate is high in summer, and the girls\’ skirts are too short. When they go out in winter, they have bad security awareness. But unexpectedly, the society also has the responsibility, can provide some of the worst under the last line of defense.

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