China\’s first concept of life Museum opened in Shenzhen, will break the traditional pattern of operation

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Abstract: China\’s first \”fun life\” concept Museum opened in Shenzhen, will break the traditional pattern of operation. In September 13th, the country\’s first taste life concept Museum – \”pure fruit fun life center\” was officially opened in Shenzhen, Longhua. The scene held the opening ceremony of the Hongkong great in strength and impetus, including Nolan, Ou Yasi, Dongguan, Dongguan Terios Rogge, leading the Guangdong TV station, Shenzhen Taoist Association, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Xingning chamber of Commerce SPS Hotel, Shenzhen Longxing Luen Thai International Furniture City, Baidu Shenzhen company, many big business executives, associations and institutions inside and outside the net international fruit partners attended the * *. 0\”The opening scene, \”the joy of life fruit net center held an open up a fresh outlook taste attracted from all corners of the country party, the industry operators, and hundreds of local people\’s strong crowd. Party to sex love \”as the theme, champagne wine flowers for the atmosphere, with the international top model show interest oriented, opened a dizzying feast for the senses. Feast, supermodel who challenges the vision and the concept of limit of the audience, the audience in the scene applause continued, praising. In sexy, flirtatious, interspersed by the net fruit international beauty appeal to the composition of the baby, but also to let the audience sigh, the original interest can be so pure and elegant. * * in the party, all kinds of western style meals, barbecue, wine to send, let the audience not only had enough eye addiction, but also to enjoy the wonderful taste. Founded by the hand of the \”international fruit net net fruit joy of life center\”, is currently the first, is the world\’s first taste of joy of life experience and supplies retail combining culture base, it * * the traditional retail single operation mode, operating mode of a living space to display and experience fun culture, creating a new pattern of industry interest in experiential marketing. According to industry professionals said, this great leap forward business model in the domestic is the first, when you enter the shop, first of all to see is no longer a container and a grade of a superb collection of beautiful things taste products, but the taste of products as a decorative art in the store counter area, and then to red wine, flowers, handicrafts and other symbols elegant romantic embellishment in articles around the products to create a noble and elegant temperament. then go to the shops and leisure area, inside the dark lights, built of marble bar, classical continental Candlestick exudes a distant light, filled with all kinds of wall red wine, wine, snacks that contains the taste of culture art decoration on the wall, just perfect. When you sit on a soft couch, the waiter brings you a nice red wine, and put on an elegant classical music, the whole scene will make you indulge in it. Of course, if you have a strong personality, professional leisure district high fidelity karaoke system allows you to sing, indulge. When you suddenly feel that you have nothing to do, our beauty worker will give you a detailed and vivid introduction of the product and bring you into the more interesting part. In addition, the store also specifically for customers with product experience area, the experience area allows customers to buy through the taste experience to their favorite, most suitable products, this setting is also the first in the industry. 0\”With the \”net fruit fun life center\” opening ceremony of the successful conclusion, opened by its taste products, experiential marketing model will officially enter the public view. As a pioneer of Adult supplies industry to explore the net international fruit the heavily to build the \”pure fruit joy of life center, pay more attention to the enterprise brand value and service reputation, customer experience in marketing for the first time, is bound to win more recognition and market. Liang Yunfei fruit net international vice president said, the company will continue to focus on the spread of health, happiness and sunshine \”joy of life\” out of the promotion of culture, the joy of life net fruit center \”and its industry-leading leapfrog business philosophy, so that the net brand fruit all over the river north and South, so that more adults to enjoy better quality joy of life, promote the harmony between the sexes and family health, take up a corporate social responsibility. Chastity Belt 3 Color Stainless Steel Male Chastity Device with Cock Cage Male Sex

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