Guangdong adult products market \” opening cross-border export road \” training session

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Editor\’s note: with the \”The Belt and Road held\” International Cooperation Forum, the ancient silk road full of new life, for the countries along the complementary advantages of the open development opens a new window of opportunity, create new opportunities for the high level of China \”bringing in\” and \”going out\” mass. Cross border electricity providers will also usher in a huge opportunity for development. September 7, 2017 afternoon, by the Guangzhou cross boundary electricity supplier Association and the Guangdong Economic Development Co., Ltd. jointly organized activities, entitled \”open cross-border export road\” training will be successfully concluded. This event aims to improve the Adult supplies manufacturers and merchants on cross-border electricity supplier overall awareness, and in-depth understanding of the impact to the enterprise in the development of cross-border electricity supplier industry trends; provide an overall solution for cross-border export manufacturers and businesses, and provide a platform for docking a.<img data-original=\"\" title=\" 1504851811518274.jpg\" alt=\" src=\"

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