How to circle powder 90, successful brands are using these 5 strategies

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Editor\’s note: according to the Boston consulting firm, China\’s consumer market will have an increase of $2 trillion and 300 billion over 5 years, with 65% of them coming from 80, 90, and 00. Similar data is conveying the same message: This is a crowd that has to do everything possible to win over. Adult goods market is no exception, when 90 and 00 gradually become the main force of consumption, do not comply with changes, timely adjustment of marketing programs, it will inevitably suffer unexpected losses. What can you read from the following events?56 year old high-end ice cream brand Haagen Dazs, its packaging, logo, global shops all new, from the luxury lady wind into a simple fresh wind.BMW MINI in the WeChat public, \”Li Rebecca McGuire\” starting a new car, 4 minutes to sell 100 units, the total price of 28500000 yuan.According to Japan\’s Fukui grace Temple held a sound of electricity the chanting of religious rituals, and live in the barrage site.360 smart home held a press conference in Beijing 798, inviting a group of harmonic stars to release intelligent products in the form of modern drama.NetEase news and hungry, in Shanghai opened a \”lost tea\” flash shop, brush blasting social network?.These brands, agencies or make snap, bold early adopters, or the brain hole is elegant, but the purpose behind is a: to attract the attention of young people. And \”young people\” is a connotation and extension are extremely broad vocabulary, \”90\”, \”95 after\”, \”Millennium generation\”, \”Z generation\” are its synonyms.It\’s a crowd full of stickers and tags, and a crowd of people who hate and label it. They are full of contradictions, and do not play by reason, often make the brand confused, want to please, but can not find the way.On the other hand, according to Boston consulting company data, China\’s consumer market in 5 years there will be 2 trillion and 300 billion U. S. dollars increments, and 65% of them will be 80, 90 and 00 after. Similar data is conveying the same message: This is a crowd that has to do everything possible to win over.To young people the label is a look a bit lazy, but from a marketing perspective on the consumer groups of insight is necessary, which is the premise of high quality incremental users access to consumer ability, open the consumer mentality.Where are the pain points, itching points, and disgust points of the young people? How can you do marketing to stay young people\’s hearts? These 5 insight strategies may help you sort out ideas.Insight intoPost figurative era, 90 percent discourse system leaderIn his book \”culture and commitment\”, American sociologist Margaret Meade divided human society into three periods: \”pre figurative culture\”, \”figurative culture\” and \”post figurative culture\”\”.In the \”pre figurative culture\”, the younger generation to learn knowledge and experience to the elders, \”and the figurative culture\” in the younger generation, the elders are learning occurs between peers, \”post figurative culture\”, because the knowledge and experience of change speed, the elders to the younger generation to learn the situation.90, 95 after the Internet with the attendant, their access to information more skilled and efficient, in addition to the fresh information openness, so that they become the \”post figurative era\” learners become popular discourse system of the inventor and fermentation.Mouth Max, fat times, a dance, empty ears, black mark face…… A series of 90, 95 after the creation of a different degree of fire vocabulary. In the post figurative era background, \”I\’m happy\” 90 after 95 people flying self creating new words, and some guilty after 70, 80 after they showed the pursuit of attitude, become the learner and contributor.This phenomenon has brought unprecedented challenges to marketers because, as discourse systems, young people are becoming more difficult to \”guide\” and \”be pleased\”. They are always the first to discover, even create new, interesting concepts, phenomena, or things that make a lot of mediocre goods and marketing stand out and get the \”no interest\” rating.Strategy: release yourself with young people, or release yourself more than they doIn order to attract the \”post figurative era\”, these young people who know too much, the brand or to cater to, or have brain cavity than they are bigger, creative can do so young people face, circle, deep knees.Japan\’s \”national popsicles\” BLACK spokesperson, is a simple line to the ugly creature, he is good at dancing and mourning and awkward dance, singing \”the advertisement to increase sales, the hell\” song, and even acting dirty underpants \”stupid\” dance off to. With groove point and highly sought after young black humor.Insight twoStandard \”fine enjoy family\”: like for \”small indeed lucky\” pay90 do not love is not love, serious exaggeration, banal and formulaic, they only see the face, than their predecessors, is more rational and savvy consumers, but also consumption upgrade under the background of \”early adopters\” fine family and enjoy\”.\”Enjoy fine family\” concept was first raised by Google in 2016, it refers to \”smart consumer advocate, enjoy life\” values of the crowd, the crowd the Internet for a long time, willing to pay the high cost of time and money for the selection of high-quality goods: they will in order to understand the effect of facial cleanser to distinguish soap and amino acids to pick the furniture; to learn in order to buy a mortise and tenon structure; only sweeping robot to the market all brand evaluation all browse……In the upgrading of consumption trends, young people no longer from the shelves just picked up a brand or a product, they don\’t want to hear such as \”make a better quality of life of the empty slogan, they are more practical and humanized design details of love, love the product and marketing people who bring small indeed fortunate. The.Strategy: the feelings of the card to save the fight, the eradication of \”small indeed lost\” is kingFeelings may also move the \”fine enjoy family\”, but may not allow them to loosen the hand covered with money bags. Metaphysical feelings need to fall on the product and services, in order to let 90 feel sincerity. Can help 90 to solve the \”small and truly lost\” products and services, is the \”fine enjoy family\” recognition of the correct posture.Compared to the price is expensive or not, a precious or not as a measure of quality of goods and services are the predecessors, after 90 more attention to those who do not solve the seemingly trivial, also won\’t have a serious problem, which can bring them a small indeed fortunate place, also on their life quality level indicator.Similar to the WiFi card brush does not open the page, forgot the keys locked outside the home, night lights light stings eye…… This class is not dead but will not solve the maddenin problem, it is easy to cause the resonance of the young, \”I have encountered this situation\” mood, then at least the young people will produce a sense of closeness to continue to read, not read the first line of indifference to say: \”this is what the hell\” and then shelved.360 safe night lights, such as 360 smart home recently launched smart locks and other products, is to seize the \”night night lights glare\”, \”push and pull the door handle, bathroom too bad signal, play on the toilet brush mobile phone does not open the page\” this small indeed lost \”, making the solution intelligent Home Furnishing products the lives of young people with itchy spots.This marketing strategy from young people\’s fear, boredom and other small emotions, not only clear the specific functions of the product, but also from the emotional point of view, fully spoiled, easy to worry about small things after 90.Insight threeMental aging is the appearance of the \”midlife crisis pre\” is the truthIn the movie \”guess the train\”, the young man Mark felt that the life of the middle-aged was stereotyped, full of affectation, and full of disdain and disgust:Choose life, choose a job, choose a career, choose a family. Choose a big TMD tv. Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players, electric tin openers. Choose good health, low calorie, low sugar. Fixed rate mortgage. Choose friends, sportswear and suitcases. Choose a three piece suit…… Choose DIY, and on Sunday morning, you don\’t know who you are.Unlike Mark, today\’s young people don\’t have a cold with seriousness or extremes. They like to call themselves \”babies\”. They prefer to use facial expressions instead of words, and cover reality with two dimensions. All this, so that this crowd looks and traditional sense of maturity, stability and great importance, the court reflects the tendency of younger age.But on the other hand, 90 has already begun to feel the \”pre midlife crisis\” problem: they are keen to share fitness card in the circle of friends, are willing to pay for knowledge, preference to emit a \”consumption upgrade\” the breath of love and relationships of goods, processing some flesh, full of anxiety on career development, despair of prices……But this generation of young people do not like bloody resistance, but choose to die to the world as a spoiled brat.In recent years, popular pop culture such as \”lost\” and \”cynical\” \”hip hop\” is just a shell of the young man\’s spirit, but it is wrapped up with the same anxiety as middle-aged people.This is also the reason of negative energy marketing to flourish, they hand against the young people\’s heart anxiety, arouse their strong feelings, but also must be put on the funeral, Tucao, humor coat, soften the anxiety, so that young people can accept the fact that to cut to the heart self deprecating attitude.Strategy: to sell Meng, playing cheap, loss of mourning gesture, gently vent anxietyAs in the past few decades, the Sanrio Co of Japan\’s \”Top Star\” is always gentle, lovely HELLO KITTY, she did not even have the mouth, with cure to positive energy to contemporary young people. However, in recent years, the situation has changed, a gender is unknown, soft waxy, drooping posture expression \”egg yolk brother\” has become the new favorite of young people, with a lazy attitude circle powder, the countless adorable cheap.If the Hello Kitty is a fine lady, egg yolk is a dirty moron brother boy, it takes a humorous attitude to help young people express their \”pre midlife crisis\” anxiety, with their battered but can be self seeking fun mood, to become a new generation of cartoon network red.Insight four\”Instant\” generation: IWWIWWWIWI psychology is the norm90 is the \”instant\” generation: WeChat QQ, so that they can communicate with the outside world whenever and wherever possible to share information, dynamic and receive feedback; let them not take takeaway APP long time to cook, they do not go out to go to the restaurant, enjoy a variety of food at home can.In the face of consumer choice, multiple can always be satisfied, young people stay in a product, the brand of the time and patience are extremely limited, there is a term to describe it: IWWIWWWIWI, \”Iwant what I want when and where I want it\” acronym. \”What I want is what I want right now; what I want is here,\” he said\”.Here is that \”I want\”, that is the young consumer mostly depends on the self subjective mentality, also stressed the importance of \”I want it in time, this would soon be the mood, reflect the young generation of\” instant consumption habits. 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