More opportunities for entrepreneurship, accelerate the penetration of adult supplies industry

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Editor\’s note: the basic necessities of life is fundamental to human survival, but in recent years due to a second tier city housing prices at an all-time high and all kinds of regulatory policy, to \”live\” has become a difficult problem of survival, many white-collar workers have chosen to return home to their work or have the ability to purchase the three or four line of the city, so the development of many three or four lines the city suddenly be brought up. For many aspiring and ambitious young people, since they have come to the three or four tier cities, the expenditure on various aspects is no longer so high, why not start the business and implement their original dream? \”Escape from north to wide\” has become a hot topic, and this phenomenon is becoming more and more intense. Accept high education young people chose to stay in the home to find a decent job in their planning, but this young people\’s consumption concept and not because of limitations of the three or four line of the city and reduce the level of consumption, Taobao, micro-blog, circle of friends become the essential way of life, around friends and classmates abroad increasingly high proportion of the sea Amoy, outbound tourism has become important in life flavoring agent. aircraft Cup second-generation interactive Choucha waves

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