Sex education: not only to provide knowledge, to think for themselves

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Abstract: the \”middle school sex education library\” rarely provides students with direct conclusions, but to provide knowledge and ideas to encourage and guide students to obtain their own cognitive. Teaching plans cover a wide range, in addition to physical science, safety knowledge, marriage ethics, but also the content of homosexuality, the work of the customers, pornography management for the teacher\’s choice, there is no a simple topic is condemned, all of our curriculum design will allow students to think for themselves, to accept all kinds of knowledge, the debate, to generate their own attitude… education in Chinese overvalued chastity - boiled the hundred hundred years is the personality of the enlightenment gate, and the ultimate purpose of education is to give students responsibility and have the ability to love. Therefore, in the ideal sex education, the essence of \”empowerment\” is a kind of \”empowerment\”\”. F. Liotta, a French thinker and educator, once stressed in the 1984 that the task of education is not only the transfer of knowledge, but also the training of the ability and concept of social citizens (J., Lyotard). Education can not be simply equated with \”knowledge of physiology\”, that was also the reason why the ideal of education, in addition to tell the children of scientific knowledge, safety awareness, also must be able to shape the value of positive health. \”But in\” paper, the value concept of what is desirable in this? Everyone refuses to talk about, but as if everyone understands, \”in my heart again\” Chinese, is really a problem. Overrated chastity, misunderstood empowerment in recent years with the continuous exposure of adolescent sexual assault cases, how to protect children from sexual abuse, become the focus of whole society. We will find more comprehensive media reports, public discussion around the adolescent sex education has two similar but different value orientation: protection of young people on the \”virgin\”, or they refused the right security. This distinction is of value, abstinence education and empowerment oriented education. \”The professional name of abstinence education\” is abstinence based sex education (abstinence sexuality education), is a kind of education idea from a southern Catholic country, mature in the United States in the West began. The idea that the sexual behavior of young people should be absolutely prohibited, sex education is only about \”health\”, \”sex\” is just as much as possible to be avoided as part of the chastity as a moral norm. This kind of education mode has obvious \”gender inequality education\” and \”patriarchal education\” color. For example, it will emphasize the \”chastity\” of women, if the female extramarital sexual relationship, they will affect the happiness of marriage. Therefore, the result of chastity education is to further create a weak position of women in the sex, there is a sexual experience and then break up more self blame women, in fact, is to further promote the deformity of virgin complex. China\’s sex education circles in 2008 and two in the year of education for chastity criticism. But for a long time, a similar idea in China often use the \”anti sexual education\” in the face of continued existence. Sex education practitioners, Beijing Forestry University and gender Institute. Just expressed his concern: \”if only for children against sexual abuse, but do not speak positive values, I have every reason to believe that education will evolve further education, the education of shame of terror, even\” anti man \”education. This will directly affect the future of young people to establish a close relationship.\” Intimacy is one of the most important in life, the most beautiful wealth, so sex education should be diversified, rich in content, is the teenagers have freedom of controlling their body education emphasizes the adolescent autonomy rights of sexual rights, including the denial of sexual abuse, the right to say \”no\”, also have to choose the, say \”yes\” right – and simple sexual assault prevention education, may manufacture panic, it is essentially of abstinence education. Because in the name of protecting teenagers, after a right may be further justly deprived. Suspicious of abstinence education and this is not: it can enhance the students ability to deal with sexual abuse, but hope to protect their innocence \”\”. \”Pure\” youth is \”bad\” youth, should be condemned and punished, and even deny their pairwise emotion and desire, for their evolution in all aspects of sovereignty deprivation. Abstinence education is often the result of people never grow up, lack of capacity, may really always needs to be protected. Therefore, summing up many years of training and education 6 teaching experience, in 2013 proposed the \”empowerment education\” concept. It is not surprising that the word \”empowerment\” put forward a number of questions will be puzzled puzzled, conflict and ridicule. \”In the past, the situation may hurt young people and things, we usually take to prevent youth access to means, including efforts to destroy these things, such as pornography, Internet control, but this control has never really succeeded, on the other hand may let teenagers living in a vacuum, in time sexual abuse, no ability to deal with\”, Fang Gang told the \”Oriental Outlook\”: \”don\’t think a few lectures on sexual assault to say no class has the anti sexual assault.

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