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Abstract: in September 18th, more than 400 freshmen in Guizhou Guiyang University opened a lecture on reproductive health knowledge, and then sent a package of 5 packages, including condoms, to their classmates. 0\” 0\”In September 18th, Guiyang University in Guizhou Province opened a lecture on reproductive health knowledge for more than 400 freshmen, and then sent 5 packages to the students, including condoms.When school begins, what should the school prepare for the freshmen? Guizhou Guiyang University for more than 400 freshmen prepared for condoms, including 5 packages.Surging news found that the school students have praise, play, and some people envy, envy, hate. The school says the main purpose of education seminars and packages is to improve students\’ awareness of self-protection.Both men and women, more than 400 people received contraceptive packsAccording to the Guiyang evening news, September 18th, 18, Guiyang University freshman finished a day of military training, according to the requirements to the auditorium to listen to lectures. In the auditorium that holds more than 400 people, the teacher\’s topic is \”sex\”\”.PPT courseware, a few scenes ambiguous image, let the first contact with the topic of new students arrived shy. Some girls also cover their eyes with books, while some boys whisper and laugh.After nearly 1 hours of classes, the freshmen were given a school package. The students opened it, containing a \”into adolescence\” promotional materials and 5 plastic bags. Plastic bags include condoms, birth control plugs, contraceptive membranes, etc..Students said, regardless of men and women, all the students to the auditorium to listen to the \”contraception\” package\”. However, many students lost their gift packs, most of them female students.Students differIn this regard, the school students expressed different views. \”We are all senior, have not heard of school will send condom.\”.\” A female student surnamed Zhou said, because has the legal age of marriage, sex education in the junior and senior of normal, but for freshman condoms is not necessary, she believes that many of these relatively simple, this has encouraged premarital sexual behavior is suspect.However, some students expressed their opposition. In the \”Guiyang University\” Baidu Post Bar, friends of the \”100 be not of the common sort\” said: \”well, I\’m here to school, found that most of the knowledge is not enough, the best way to help college students to popularize their knowledge. You gave them condoms, and you probably wouldn\’t use them properly. It is better to popularize sexual knowledge in schools than to give birth control devices.\”Expression of admiration is not in the minority, \”the bridge knows how much rain and wind\”, said, \”I hate not to join you military training.\”!!!\” And \”WCY said,\” miss you, \”first name,\” \”last year, why didn\’t we get this treatment?\”\”.The school says it should correctly guide studentsSome colleges and universities outside the province have started sex education for students several years ago.\” The school of social management, Social Work Department counselor king said the teacher, many students from high school into the University, in thinking and understanding, exposed to the concept of \”little, this is to make up for lack of knowledge in middle school education.\” He believes that the students reacted strongly, probably because they did not realize the significance of the birth control device.According to the school administration office director Zhang introduced to the new arrangement of lectures and payment of contraceptive device, this year is the school implementation by the school and the local community, and invite the health department staff to carry out reproductive health lectures, issued a total of more than 400 sets of gift packages.The main purpose of this education seminar is to improve students\’ awareness of self-protection. The school hopes to give the correct guidance to the new students who are ignorant. Director Zhang said that many students in the absence of any security measures to steal the forbidden fruit, and finally to the hospital for abortion, causing serious harm to the body.

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