Spice vending machines create new models of retail profits

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Editor\’s note: a lot of people, when he was suggested to start his own business as a boss, immediately declined with the excuse of insufficient funds, so he continued to sell his cheap labor cheaply, in return for meager income. But in fact, investment in entrepreneurship, this is a small, small, big, big job, as long as the heart of entrepreneurship, even if ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars can also be used as start-up funds. Don\’t think it\’s impossible. Fun vending machines are a boon to entrepreneurs of big and small cost. Adult supplies and other industries also have the same store, the size of the difference, if the $30 thousand investment in a store, is obviously somewhat reluctantly, but also not only, this type of scale is too small is not easy to cause consumers to buy. Then 30 thousand can do what business? Quechao joy of life hall 24 hours self-service sale shop is a good choice. Magpie nest fun supplies self-service vending machines, vending 24h, stored up to thousands of products, health class, class, female male apparatus equipment category, lingerie and SM were selected from the big, fully meet the various consumer demand.  Magpie nest is different from the traditional retail model, and created a new mode of retail sales of interest goods stores, which greatly reduces the investment costs and risks of franchisees. To avoid the direct communication between consumers and sellers embarrassing situation, both to reduce labor costs, but also to extend the operation time, can earn money all day long. Join the magpie nest, whenever and wherever possible revenue!  Quechao joy of life Museum 24 hours shop in the business time it has more advantages, but due to the particularity of the products even at midnight, there will be a business, so people shop a month only 30 days, and 24 hours self-service vending Adult supplies store is equal to 60 days, such a huge advantage to do not make money are difficult.  Now open a magpie nest gallery is a joy of life is the investment outlook, this project can let you get rich on the road. So, how to open a good magpie nest life Museum? Below let Xiaobian take you detailed understanding.  1, the implementation of store sales and network sales combined, network sales mainly to solve the current consumer psychological concerns and meet their privacy needs, the city\’s four districts limited delivery.  2, to leave the store sales on the market most adult sex shops clutter and low, poor health, and strive to create a healthy, relaxed fashion and taste, high quality, high-grade corporate image, product image and shopping atmosphere, because the difference with the former is the main market space where we are.  3, decoration to reflect the health, relaxed, the pursuit of high-quality living company appeal, not exaggeration, and to maintain coordination with the surrounding buildings. The product is positioned at the middle and high end, and the price is in line with it. Provide a wide range of products and strict quality assurance.  This is a sacred profession that can help many people, many families, understand that he needs to experience it with a good heart. Or that sentence: Adult supplies industry, you sell what is it? I think we are not only selling a product, should be a kind of happiness and health responsibility, but should be a service in order to make the family happy and harmonious society. If you can think of entrepreneurship this way, then you have insight into the opportunity to become rich, and investment to join the magpie nest life museum is bound to tap the ideal pot of gold first choice!Original title: magpie nest fun products vending machines opened a new pattern of retail profits in the industry third-generation sex toy bar imported from Germany

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