Uganda men complain of insufficient condom size and hope the government will send extra large size

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Abstract: Recently, many men in Uganda complained to the government departments, saying that the size of condoms they used was too small, and hoped that the government would issue oversized condoms. 0\”[] according to the U.S. global network comprehensive report \”New York Daily News\” reported on September 20th, recently, many men in Uganda to the government department, said they used condoms in the size is too small, I hope the government can grant super sized condoms.It is understood that Uganda was once the world\’s AIDS epidemic, the most serious country, AIDS accounted for 7% of the total population (1 million 400 thousand people), each year about 200 thousand people died of aids. Therefore, the government of Uganda relies on condoms to prevent the spread of aids. It is reported that the number of condoms imported in Uganda each year amounted to hundreds of millions.Recently, however, many young men in Uganda complained that the government provided condoms that were small and short, and were easy to crack during use, so the government required large condoms. In general, the normal size of condoms is between 18 cm and 22 cm, but there are also manufacturers producing oversized condoms of up to 24 centimeters.

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