What should be the operation of an adult store on Amazon?

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Editor\’s note: market demand exists, there will stop sellers back into the heart, to choose Adult supplies category of sellers, how to operate it better? And other categories of similar products, to provide quality products and services are essential and necessary to reach the standard, in addition to besides, Adult supplies sellers in the operation must also have some operational ideas and ordinary sellers have differences. Recently by a number of business Adult supplies for Amazon sellers asking, Listing recognized by the system, can only be obtained in the search Adult supplies category, natural search results could not see, and can\’t put on the station advertising, traffic and sales dropped significantly, how to do?We must first admit that Adult supplies is really a good category, just to be a typical product, a huge market demand and users of the sales price is not sensitive, relatively higher profits, but on the platform, the legal standard in the United States, Adult supplies is not to minors under the age of 18 shows. This is also the reason for shielding of the platform of product category.But for sellers, this is ultimately a situation that does not make people happy.So, want to stand out, there must be some and ordinary sellers different operating ideas.On the selection of:Because Adult supplies belong to the Amazon special category of products, the seller if you want quick operation, recommend the seller in a good understanding of the rules of the platform, in the selection stage is intended to avoid the system easy to be identified and archived to Adult supplies category of products, if can choose some system to identify, can bypass the detection system the product, for the later operation to avoid being crawled and shielding system will play a big role. So, for the selection of Adult supplies, not to choose the very precise strong demand for products, but you can choose to play edge ball products.About release category:Fuzzy recognition based on product categories, the seller in the release of product, try to avoid the precise category, but the product can be released in the relevant category, such as the product category in the category of personal health or outdoor sports, although these categories relative to the product is not particularly accurate, from the perspective of the flow, because the precision may be reduced flow but, because can thus be classified as bypass system Adult supplies and shielding results, but can bring more traffic.About Listing optimization:When it comes to optimization, we\’re always going to be able to do the most complete and comprehensive representation of pictures, titles, keywords and so forth, but adult supplies are different. In order to make Adult supplies more exposure, the seller should try to avoid sensitive words, whether it is based on their own experience or reference in the seller, released in the process of product, the seller can use less words, or slightly some keywords, and should avoid the sensitive keywords may be the system to grab.About advertising and drainage:Because Adult supplies are not allowed on the site advertising, so the seller loses the station advertising precise traffic entrance, in this case, the seller may consider, if the system has not yet been identified to their product is Adult supplies, which can be put on the station advertising, advertising can be decisive, because this is the identification of the Listing has been blocked, have not recognized Listing ads, the flow rate is bound to rise. If the system has been identified, there is no way to advertise, at this time, the seller can use the way out of the station to increase the flow of Listing.About brush and brush comments:Because Adult supplies category Listing are blocked, and no advertising, in this case, it seems only the internal strength to fight, for a Listing, what is the strength of the present? More orders and more Review. Because of the natural flow generated orders and traffic are relatively fixed, at this time, if the seller uses brush and brush review way, it is easy to highlight in the peer, the advantages are particularly obvious. Of course, all brush checks are subject to potential risks and sellers should be cautious.About FBA shipment and self delivery:If you are aggressive, can also break down to business success must be made according to FBA we usually say, for Adult supplies category of products from the delivery by way of operating, why? Because in general the new Listing from the line to be identified by the system will have a short time difference, the seller can use this time difference, since the delivery way, in this not recognized the time interval from the delivery, advertising, advertising to bring more traffic and orders, and self delivery way to avoid overstock elsewhere, if a Listing is identified to re create, decisively discarded, repeated in front the operation.In any case, the above method is only for the adult supplies this category of some small skills, only for short-term operations to provide some suggestions, and in order to long-term operation of this category, or to be down to good.

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